CEO's Messege

The board, management and staff are very pleased to introduce to you the newly established college –Academy. We take great pride in our work, care and passion, and we aim to deliver quality vocational and training programs to youth, adults and mature aged individuals to pursue their education, training and career pathway. We are committed to continuously improve with VETEA. VETEA is a one stop portal supported by 7 subsidiary organizations; it is a non-profit Government Registered Education, Training and Employment Organization that seek to create ongoing opportunities to ensure the availability of essential skills for a knowledgeable and effective workforce. CS Academy understands that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and that each person possesses a range of skills that can excel in different situations. We aim to help each individual look for their own strengths and build up their confidence while directing them towards the right pathway. Welcome to CS Academy! We are confident that you will enjoy the experience with our services. We look forward to seeing you.


Testimony Kim

Chief Executive Officer